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2 September 2016
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The Wedding Couple

Kristine and Rev were classmates from an early age of six years old. It wasn't until grade three did they become acquainted with each other and became friends shortly after. Even as they attended separate high schools and colleges they continued to remain friends. They share many fond memories including dancing to "It’s a Beautiful Life" in a talent contest for grade school, the Sweet Sixteen Cotillion era and a Prom or two. Fast forward years after, friendship turned into romance and 9 years of dating later, they are happily engaged!

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Kristine Rue

The Bride

Kristine is a genuine and loving person who enjoys the occasional outdoor adventure. She is a dancer at heart and likes to jam out in random places. Find her lost in the pages of a good tale or searching for the next dessert spot. Her love of life in all spectra, from animals to travelling the world has captured the very core of Rev's heart.


Rev Obrera

The Groom

Jock on the outside; nerd on the inside. Rev is known to be competitive in physical sports, but has a soft spot for science fiction. Known to say "In a realm of all possibilities - anything is possible." This moto has helped Rev to reach many impossible goals including marrying the girl of his dreams.

Clock is ticking

The Big Countdown

Our People

Bridal Party

Jessica Lim
Maid of Honor

Kristine and Jessica met at Seton Hall and have been close friends ever since. The past ten years has allowed them to create some of the best memories including A&P chat rooms, Dance Troupe, Mexico & countless food adventures. They've also shared some of life's most important milestones - College Graduation & graduating soon with their MSN. It's their shared experiences, values and support that has led Kristine to feel their friendship has a sense of home & sisterhood. Jessica currently works as an intensive care RN at a local hospital. She is caring, kind & her lively personality is infectious making everyone she meets feel welcomed.

Ria Saliente

Kristine and Ria became friends at Seton Hall. Coincidently they learned either by luck or fate their then boyfriends, now fiancés, were already acquainted with each other. Their friendship has grown to feel like family especially with having to endure the boys never ending hobbies - basketball, paintballing, snowboarding, and a quest for adventure. The latter has allowed them to travel together most recently to Iceland, a trip they'll hold dear to their hearts for a lifetime. Ria is an RN at a busy hospital in the Bronx. She has a compassionate heart and an underlying fierceness that always seems to surprise us.

Camry Lopez

Kris & Cam were part of an inseparable trio growing up. From tutus and boy band crushes to college sleepovers and Halloween parties, together they have survived it all. Although high school, college and career paths have taken them in different directions they continue to share the same love for the little things - a good book, a great laugh and a delicious meal. Camry's career has taken her into the exciting world of the fast-paced fashion industry. That fast-paced action has also allowed her to keep up with raising Aiden James - a smart, funny, kindhearted little boy who will steal your heart and energy all away.

Christine Buenafe

Kris & Chris better known to some, completes the trio of their childhood days. Christine and Kristine share the same travel bug. Always encouraging each other to explore the world and take some chances - whether its daring to climb an active volcano or taking the next step in their career, it has kept them friends for over twenty years. Christine is currently working in finance, pursuing her Masters degree and lives in the city that never sleeps. Her heart has found a second home in Paris, traveling there often. She continues to explore the world whenever she can.

Kenneth Moreno
Best Man

Rev & Kenneth met at BioReference Laboratories and worked in the Cancer Genomics department. Kenneth carries an unsung leadership within himself. Rev has noticed that people gravitate towards Kenneth because of his genuine character. Kenneth is the emotional leader that is passionate in molding his craft and then radiating that passion towards everyone else. Rev & Kenneth have a healthy habit of competing against each other. Kenneth is also nicknamed "The Stipulator" because as the games progress he has added various stipulations in order to be in favor of winning. This trait makes him perfect for his professional role as a Validation Specialist as he ensures that the lab he overseas operate within CLIA (his) guidelines.

Charles Lazaro

Rev & Charles met on the hardwood basketball court of Montclair State University. Although Charles was not a student at MSU he often went there to play. Unbeknownst to them, they later realized that their girlfriends went to Seton Hall University. This started countless double dates which later grew to a sizable group of friends that joined them on their dinner dates and activities. Charles is a man of action and is a walking Yelp. Great memories were formed because of Charles' impromptu asking "Hey, do you guys want to go [fill in activity here]". Charles introduces a perspective in life where having fun does not need to be planned. He understands that life is precious and valuable as he is an RN in the OR.

Frank Martinez

Rev & Frank met at St. Mary's High School. Common interests led the two together and they quickly became friends. They were always seen joking around and laughing in the school hallways like freshman cheerleaders. They have great chemistry on the court which caused many covetous wins. Frank is direct and quite honestly, very frank. Rev saw the value of this trait and knew he can always count on him to be straightforward - with no filter. They've remained friends over the years, checking in once in awhile when life has given them the opportunity to crosspaths once again. Today is that opportunity. Frank is a Certified Project Manager which means he has a way of sweet talking his way into getting things done.

Joseph Marino

Rev & Joe met at BioReference Laboratories. Joe played a crucial role in Rev & Kenneth's hiring and shortly became friends after 'man-cation' at Harriman State Park. Joe was also part of their group at work and was the most extreme in terms of how far he will go in order to win the office games. He is an Eagle Scout and posseses an advanced intellectual vocabulary. He often uses those skills to mix certain word combinations that are humorous and goofy. Rev sees Joe as a creative butterfly that is able to transform in various degrees of difficulty. Joe has not only helped architect the genomics lab we have today but have shown that he is a good friend. With an un-biased perspective and a backing of facts, Joe is a true scientist. He is now a Genomics Production Specialist and presents in corporate conferences.

Wedding Ceremony

Sacred Heart Church

Please join us as we celebrate our upcoming nuptials at Sacred Heart Church. We are very excited to share this special moment with all of you and thankful for all the support that we've received from our families and friends.

Address: 76 Broad Street Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Day: Friday September 2, 2016
Time: TBD

Wedding Reception

The Grove

Please join us at "The Grove" where we will celebrate our two families coming together! We look forward to having a great time and making more memories with the people we love.

Address: 691 Pompton Avenue Cedar Grove, NJ 07009
Day: Friday September 2, 2016
Time: TBD
Attire: Black Tie Invited

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Hotel Block

Crowne Plaza Hotel

A hotel block has been reserved at Crowne Plaza, Fairfield, NJ under Rue-Obrera wedding. Please make reservations before August 12, 2016 and reference block code "OBA".

Please call (973) 227 - 9200 to make reservations.


Engagement Gallery

MPW Media Group, Inc

The engagement shoot took place in a remote lakefront cabin in Newton, NJ on November 28, 2015. The link is provided by MPW - feel free to download it for your use and pass the link to your friends and family so they can leave their greetings and comments on the gallery.

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